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Sun Hoseki has been running a mail order business since 1979, supplying cute and attractive accessory at low prices to all over Japan. We have approximately 1,600,000 mailing lists in our database, most of which are Japanese teenage girls. Our own catalogs are sent to our customers six times in a year. A large amount of orders is coming everyday from Japanese teenagers.

We are always looking for a trend information paying attention to the cities, Shibuya and Harajuku, which are famous for leading Japanese young generation's trend, also to some Japanese magazines, trendy web sites, etc…

Now, our company is well known among Japanese people, and ready to spread our business all over the world. We established three of our own factories in China and Japan. That is our strength to provide competitive price for you. Under Japanese strict quality control, we also succeed on making a good quality items. We hope to provide our items to be international and be loved by various people around the world.